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The Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance industry is influenced by a myriad of drivers. Key factors include the economic environment, as premium growth is closely tied to GDP; interest rates, given that P&C companies invest their reserves primarily in fixed-income securities; underwriting discipline, which helps maintain profitability; claim frequency and severity, affected by natural catastrophes, legal trends, and technological advancements; regulatory changes, which can impact profitability through capital requirements and rate setting; and technological innovation like telematics and machine learning for risk assessment and price optimization. In addition, market sentiment and industry consolidation play a role in valuations and market cap rankings as companies strive for operational efficiencies and expanded product offerings to drive growth. Within the P&C insurance landscape, potential investable subcategories by market cap can be identified by considering the various sectors and business models at play. These include [[specialty insurers]] focusing on niche markets or specific types of risk, [[commercial insurers]] that protect businesses against a wide range of risks, [[personal lines insurers]] providing automobile and homeowners coverage, [[reinsurers]] offering coverage to insurance companies to mitigate their risks, and [[insurance brokers and services]] which can include entities involved in the facilitation of insurance contracts. Additionally, there is the [[InsurTech]] sector, embracing companies that leverage technology to disrupt and transform the traditional insurance industry, presenting high-growth investment opportunities. Market capitalization within these subcategories can be researched through financial databases and industry reports, providing investors insights into the size and scale of different entities within the P&C insurance market. This index was generated with help from Thematic Analyst.

  • TickerGPAC
  • Inception Date12/05/2023
  • WeightingEqual
  • # of holdings72
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All holdings as of June 12, 2024
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Tingo Group, Inc. (MICT)2.76%$4.84M4,161.26%21.50%0.50
SelectQuote, Inc. (SLQT)2.39%$514.24M25.72%49.39%0.82
Citizens, Inc. (Austin, Texas) (CIA)1.96%$150.39M3.22%N/A0.45
Kingstone Cos., Inc. (KINS)1.69%$53.28M0.05%N/A0.63
Royal Caribbean Group (RCL)1.69%$39.42B29.21%34.74%4.07
Regional Management Corp. (RM)1.66%$277.49M6.60%97.58%2.68
EverQuote, Inc. (EVER)1.64%$622.32M-16.62%94.46%2.28
Baldwin Insurance Group, Inc. (BRP)1.62%$2.25B15.11%24.38%2.79
Verisk Analytics, Inc. (VRSK)1.56%$37.76B8.04%56.86%13.42
Sterling Infrastructure, Inc. (STRL)1.53%$3.52B9.11%16.49%1.67
AXIS Capital Holdings Ltd. (AXS)1.53%$5.95B6.70%N/A1.34
Greenlight Capital Re Ltd. (GLRE)1.52%$455.29M10.88%N/A0.78
Mercury General Corp. (MCY)1.50%$2.91B15.14%N/A0.72
Global Indemnity Group LLC (GBLI)1.49%$313.45M-25.59%N/A0.89
Arch Capital Group Ltd. (ACGL)1.49%$37.39B23.14%N/A2.75
ProAssurance Corp. (PRA)1.49%$659.59M4.41%N/A0.96
Palomar Holdings, Inc. (PLMR)1.45%$2.09B31.91%N/A5.37
Avis Budget Group, Inc. (CAR)1.43%$3.72B-0.23%22.70%2.60
CNO Financial Group, Inc. (CNO)1.43%$2.90B18.06%N/A1.60
Old Republic International Corp. (ORI)1.43%$8.21B14.63%N/A1.39
Premier Financial Corp. (PFC)1.43%$677.94M3.05%N/A2.37
Chubb Ltd. (CB)1.42%$107.17B15.57%N/A2.51
Carnival Corp. (CCL)1.42%$20.47B21.98%20.13%2.21
SiriusPoint Ltd. (SPNT)1.42%$2.12B0.09%N/A1.15
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. (AJG)1.41%$55.96B20.41%93.55%5.96
Markel Group, Inc. (MKL)1.41%$20.22B22.60%N/A1.51
Trupanion, Inc. (TRUP)1.40%$1.19B19.43%N/A1.11
The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. (HIG)1.39%$29.41B8.61%N/A1.43
Paramount Group, Inc. (PGRE)1.39%$975.81M0.21%29.66%6.92
CNA Financial Corp. (CNA)1.39%$12.02B9.26%N/A1.17
Kemper Corp. (KMPR)1.38%$3.73B-11.46%N/A0.94
World Acceptance Corp. (WRLD)1.38%$717.99M-7.03%98.10%2.47
The Allstate Corp. (ALL)1.38%$42.62B10.68%N/A0.95
Open Lending Corp. (LPRO)1.37%$794.83M-19.85%81.30%5.82
Intact Financial Corp. (IFC)1.37%$29.32B3.27%N/A1.71
Progressive Corp. (PGR)1.37%$122.11B20.56%N/A1.97
James River Group Holdings Ltd. (JRVR)1.36%$286.34M-14.63%N/A0.99
American International Group, Inc. (AIG)1.36%$49.25B20.01%N/A1.66
CCC Intelligent Solutions Holdings, Inc. (CCCS)1.35%$7.25B10.89%65.98%8.83
Lemonade, Inc. (LMND)1.34%$1.12B25.77%N/A3.18
Ryan Specialty Holdings, Inc. (RYAN)1.34%$6.36B22.07%N/A7.67
Horace Mann Educators Corp. (HMN)1.34%$1.38B9.07%N/A1.37
Loews Corp. (L)1.34%$16.42B11.84%N/A1.74
United Fire Group, Inc. (UFCS)1.34%$540.07M10.81%N/A0.54
The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. (THG)1.34%$4.50B7.44%N/A0.94
Insperity, Inc. (NSP)1.34%$3.55B1.83%18.53%0.59
Universal Insurance Holdings, Inc. (UVE)1.34%$538.37M16.26%N/A0.48
The Cigna Group (CI)1.32%$96.00B19.28%N/A0.67
RLI Corp. (RLI)1.32%$6.42B25.27%N/A4.39
Principal Financial Group, Inc. (PFG)1.32%$18.21B43.79%N/A1.68
Cincinnati Financial Corp. (CINF)1.32%$17.83B30.97%N/A1.91
Cavco Industries, Inc. (CVCO)1.32%$2.84B-16.09%23.79%1.72
American Financial Group, Inc. (AFG)1.32%$10.52B11.76%N/A1.65
Hippo Holdings, Inc. (HIPO)1.31%$420.92M113.82%N/A1.80
Employers Holdings, Inc. (EIG)1.30%$1.04B8.04%N/A1.34
The Travelers Cos., Inc. (TRV)1.30%$47.95B15.70%N/A1.43
NI Holdings, Inc. (NODK)1.30%$315.63M12.01%N/A0.85
Assurant, Inc. (AIZ)1.29%$8.82B8.98%N/A1.06
APA Corp. (APA)1.28%$11.02B-2.84%38.34%2.02
Conifer Holdings, Inc. (CNFR)1.27%$12.71M-6.11%N/A0.46
Safety Insurance Group, Inc. (SAFT)1.27%$1.13B24.99%N/A1.28
W.R. Berkley Corp. (WRB)1.26%$20.06B12.50%N/A2.16
Primerica, Inc. (PRI)1.25%$7.60B7.38%N/A3.71
Selective Insurance Group, Inc. (SIGI)1.25%$5.63B17.89%N/A1.68
Brighthouse Financial, Inc. (BHF)1.22%$2.60B-94.24%N/A2.23
HCI Group, Inc. (HCI)1.20%$1.01B60.13%N/A2.71
Root, Inc. (ROOT)1.17%$474.92M263.62%N/A2.02
AMERISAFE, Inc. (AMSF)1.17%$818.79M2.61%N/A3.12
Goosehead Insurance, Inc. (GSHD)1.07%$1.47B11.22%N/A9.84
Kinsale Capital Group, Inc. (KNSL)1.04%$8.96B44.76%N/A9.35
Porch Group, Inc. (PRCH)0.74%$182.50M32.13%22.87%1.10
Hallmark Financial Services, Inc. (HALL)<0.01%$0.00M9.59%N/A0.73
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