Work smarter and harder

Thematic is the AI-enabled investment research platform built for Equity Analysts, Credit Analysts, Portfolio Managers, and new product developers

By combining generative AI, hundreds of thousands of company documents, and years of financial data, Thematic helps analysts quickly develop a point of view and draw conclusions.


Generate ideas

Quickly and proactively understand the impact of broad trends and macro events, and find companies to look into further.

Research any topic

Develop a point of view

Investigate the context of industries and companies. Get an understanding of trends, risks, and opportunities. Finalize your POV on a company - quick kill, or investigate further. Narrow your focus so you can spend your time where it matters most.

Start with any topic

A natural language stock screener

Easily create your universe and find the companies you’re looking for. No more searching through menus, turning knobs and dials - just type or say what you’re looking for.

Build a stock screen

Go deep

Quickly understand what a company does, relevant metrics, and trends. Find insights by instantly pulling up relevant sections of company documents. Gain an understanding of the financials.

Deep dive into any company

Backtest, experiment, and track over time

Instantly build model portfolios and pressure test with experiments. Gain insights through instantly calculated portfolio metrics. Run backtests over multiple years and situations in seconds. Track the portfolios over time and look for signals.

Build a portfolio and begin testing