Modern thematic and custom product development for creative asset managers of any size

The fastest, most creative, and accurate indexing platform in the market

Develop and manage customized, institutional-grade investment products for your clients without the need for quantitative or technical resources.


Select from global equities and crypto

Our data universe includes all global equities, with company descriptions, news and trends, and hundreds of fundamental metrics. For the first time, you can mix assets across equities and crypto.

Choose your assets

Instantly backtest and benchmark with seamless handling of corporate actions

Thematic is built for speed - instant results in seconds, not weeks. Our backtests instantly go back years, while accounting for corporate actions and comparing a range of industry benchmarks.

Start time-traveling

Personalize and protect your ideas

Our team can help with custom development - proprietary research, data integrations, metrics, rating and weighting systems - to hone your approach and protect your intellectual property.


Passive, active, and everything in between

Create and save a set of rules and let our automation take care of reconstitution and rebalancing. For active indices, test strategies and update as often as you wish.


Collaborate with your team

Invite trusted colleagues to validate themes, share ideas, and compare strategies - all in the same account. Assign roles and permissions to manage and protect your intellectual property.

Go team-mode

Own your intellectual property and build an ETF

Leverage Thematic’s multiple distribution channels to build a following. Monetize your index through licensing and conversion to an ETF.

Make your idea a reality