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Thematic makes it simple to build, benchmark, track, and manage custom investment themes

Thematic's all-in-one platform provides unlimited indices for one flat price. Develop passive, active, long, short, equity, and ETF strategies, and manage assets against your best themes.


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Easily turn your ideas into customized indices


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Develop your themes to better manage assets

Created by our customers

Intelligent Indices

AI-Powered Indices

by Intelligent Indices

Intelligent Indices believes the future of passive investing is intelligent and challenges traditional, unintelligent index products — those that don't leverage the power of AI. Using leading AI platforms ChatGPT, Bard, and Claude, they have developed many AI-powered indices, including the flagship $AISPS: a custom AI-weighted index of top expected large cap performers inspired by the S&P 500. See them all

Index snapshot

Intelligent Select

3 months
  • TickerAISPS
  • Inception Date07/21/2023
  • WeightingCustom
  • Number of holdings146

Living life on your phone

by Howard Lindzon

For the last year, renowned investor and serial entrepreneur Howard Lindzon has been digging into what he calls the ‘degenerate economy’, which is the next phase of investing, ownership, gambling, and living life with a wallet on/in your phone. The ‘degenerate economy’ includes education, experiences, and activities. $DEGENCOM highlights the companies that have onboarded and connected hundreds of millions of young people into investing, trading, speculation, crypto, and gambling/betting.

Index snapshot

Degenerate Economy Index

3 months
  • TickerDEGENCOM
  • Inception Date05/15/2023
  • WeightingEqual
  • Number of holdings10

Hype-free Web3

by Grace Isford

To Grace Isford, partner at Lux Capital, the infrastructure being built to support Web3 is where long-term value creation lives. The $LUXDEX ignores the hype and focuses specifically on those companies and projects building the backbone of Web3. The $LUXDEX is the first index of its kind, combining public equities and crypto tokens in a financial index.

Index snapshot

The Lux Web3 Infrastructure Index

3 months
  • TickerLUXDEX
  • Inception Date07/01/2022
  • WeightingCustom
  • Number of holdings21

Land and expand

by Lenny Rachitsky

How do you measure success in enterprise SaaS? According to Lenny Rachitsky, an expert on product led growth and the principal behind Lenny’s Newsletter and Lenny’s Podcast, the best companies and business models are those that grow by becoming more valuable to their customers over time. $LENNY represents the best-in-class SaaS companies as measured by Net Revenue Retention (NRR).

Index snapshot

The Land & Expand Leaders Index

3 months
  • TickerLENNY
  • Inception Date06/01/2022
  • WeightingCustom
  • Number of holdings31

❤️ from our community

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  • I think most genius iteration of building something for institution and masses in a while for financial products

    Stocktwits Lindzon

    Stocktwits Lindzon


  • $LYFT $HOOD $CVNA $PTON $AFRM $RIVN $GME $BYND from our #zombiestock list are leading the market down today. Track performance of all our Zombie Stocks @ $ZOMBIE, the index created by @go_thematic

    New Constructs

    New Constructs


  • It's a long lost thing I've been looking for. Love at first sight 😍 At some point imagine being able to turn any index into an etf!!

    Shomik Ghosh

    Shomik Ghosh


  • just getting to test this out now. holy shit. this is amazing.




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