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The financial, technology, insurance, and manufacturing sectors are pivotal to the global economy, each driven by unique factors. Financial institutions are largely influenced by interest rate trends, regulatory environments, and economic health, with top-tier banks benefiting from economies of scale and sophisticated investment operations. Technology firms thrive on innovation, digital transformation, and consumer demand for connectivity and automation, with leading companies often at the forefront of cutting-edge research and development. Insurance firms' drivers include underwriting discipline, claim management expertise, and investment returns, with top insurers having expansive, diversified portfolios and strong risk management practices. Manufacturing firms are propelled by industrial activity, supply chain efficiency, and global demand for their goods, with the leading manufacturers leveraging advanced production techniques and economies of scale to maximize profitability. For investors interested in these themes, potential investable subcategories within each sector could include [[Global Systemically Important Banks (G-SIBs)]] for financial institutions, focusing on banks that play a crucial role in the world economy. [[Cloud Computing and AI Technologies]] could be a prime subcategory within tech firms, considering the growing importance of data management and artificial intelligence. Investors could look to [[Property and Casualty Insurance]] within the insurance sector as it often covers a wide range of policies, making it a substantial part of the market. For the manufacturing sector, a subcategory like [[Industrial Automation and Robotics]] stands out, particularly as factories worldwide continuously embrace technology to improve efficiency and output. Each of these subcategories reflects a significant slice of their respective markets and can be further researched for a targeted investment approach. This index was generated with help from Thematic Analyst.

  • TickerFTIM
  • Inception Date12/08/2023
  • WeightingEqual
  • # of holdings34
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All holdings as of June 12, 2024
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Innodata, Inc. (INOD)7.82%$440.49M40.69%36.05%2.10
ABB Ltd. (ABB)3.70%$103.87B2.28%37.82%2.79
Baldwin Insurance Group, Inc. (BRP)3.55%$2.25B15.11%24.38%2.79
The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (GS)3.53%$143.26B26.08%N/A6.94
UniCredit SpA (UCG)3.42%$61.42B7.45%N/A7.04
Verisk Analytics, Inc. (VRSK)3.41%$37.76B8.04%56.86%13.42
Oracle Corp. (ORCL)3.40%$340.49B6.02%65.72%7.69
Mercury General Corp. (MCY)3.30%$2.91B15.14%N/A0.72
Arch Capital Group Ltd. (ACGL)3.27%$37.39B23.14%N/A2.75
Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)3.21%$3.22T17.03%70.08%13.40
Alibaba Health Information Technology Ltd. (241)3.21%$7.83B-3.63%21.81%1.16
Chubb Ltd. (CB)3.12%$107.17B15.57%N/A2.51
The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. (HIG)3.06%$29.41B8.61%N/A1.43
Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc. (AIT)3.05%$7.22B1.27%28.39%1.76
CNA Financial Corp. (CNA)3.04%$12.02B9.26%N/A1.17
Progressive Corp. (PGR)3.00%$122.11B20.56%N/A1.97
Horace Mann Educators Corp. (HMN)2.95%$1.38B9.07%N/A1.37
United Fire Group, Inc. (UFCS)2.94%$540.07M10.81%N/A0.54
RLI Corp. (RLI)2.91%$6.42B25.27%N/A4.39
American Financial Group, Inc. (AFG)2.89%$10.52B11.76%N/A1.65
The Travelers Cos., Inc. (TRV)2.86%$47.95B15.70%N/A1.43
PICC Property & Casualty Co., Ltd. (2328)2.79%$8.72B2.65%N/A0.50
Applied Digital Corp. (APLD)2.78%$555.03M207.65%-8.57%5.31
Robotechnik Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (300757)2.78%$1.70B1.28%22.86%11.35
W.R. Berkley Corp. (WRB)2.77%$20.06B12.50%N/A2.16
Selective Insurance Group, Inc. (SIGI)2.74%$5.63B17.89%N/A1.68
International Business Machines Corp. (IBM)2.71%$155.54B1.47%52.85%3.58
ASGN Incorporated (ASGN)2.69%$4.18B-7.07%26.80%1.34
CSG Smart Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (300222)2.48%$572.72M-11.48%25.14%1.76
Guangdong Lyric Robot Automation Co., Ltd. (688499)2.37%$373.90M-39.97%17.06%1.46
Globant SA (GLOB)2.25%$6.70B20.88%31.02%4.08
UiPath, Inc. (PATH)1.57%$5.79B15.72%83.31%6.61
NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA)0.43%$2.97T262.12%78.35%27.12
Hallmark Financial Services, Inc. (HALL)<0.01%$0.00M9.59%N/A0.73
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