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Dynamic Macro-Driven Sector Diversification



The objective of leveraging Ray Dalio’s principles focuses on exploiting market opportunities through a deep understanding of economic cycles and risk management. Key drivers include tracking macroeconomic indicators and central bank policies to gain insights into potential market movements. Sector diversification is crucial, with an emphasis on industries like technology, social media, electric vehicles, healthcare, real estate, and data analytics. Utilizing both technical and fundamental analysis allows for identifying potential breakout points and assessing the intrinsic value of investments. Risk management via risk parity principles, stop-loss orders, and position sizing ensures balanced exposure and mitigates potential losses. This methodological approach aims to identify and monitor key stocks across various sectors, maximizing tactical opportunities in the current market environment. - [[Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing]]: Companies leading advancements in AI and cloud infrastructure solutions. - [[Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles]]: Innovators driving the transition to sustainable transportation and energy. - [[Advanced Healthcare Technologies]]: Firms with robust product pipelines and technologies targeting health improvement. - [[Logistics and E-commerce Real Estate]]: REITs that benefit from the booming e-commerce and logistics sectors. - [[Data Infrastructure and Analytics]]: Providers of critical data services and infrastructure supporting various industries. This index was generated with help from Thematic Analyst.

  • Inception Date05/17/2024
  • WeightingEqual
  • # of holdings11
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All holdings as of June 12, 2024
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CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (CRWD)10.72%$88.80B32.99%75.57%21.41
Broadcom Inc. (AVGO)10.21%$677.07B34.17%55.81%16.36
Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)10.01%$3.22T17.03%70.08%13.40
Synopsys, Inc. (SNPS)9.93%$88.85B3.95%76.10%13.18
Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN)9.83%$1.95T12.53%49.32%3.37
Autodesk, Inc. (ADSK)9.72%$45.68B13.05%89.52%8.36
Prologis, Inc. (PLD)9.72%$103.31B10.63%40.17%19.67
Alphabet, Inc. (GOOG)9.71%$2.04T15.44%58.49%5.75
Datadog, Inc. (DDOG)9.48%$35.44B26.89%81.95%18.68
Dynatrace, Inc. (DT)9.39%$13.91B23.48%79.82%9.18
NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA)1.28%$2.97T262.12%78.35%27.12
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