Oleg Nekrashevich
''NOV Aggressive Russian''.


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This index is composed of ~10-20 Foreign or Russian companies, the principle is similar to the above “NOV conservative” stock index, but in this stock index these will be the most undervalued companies on the market (not from a number of blue chips, but from the general range of shares on the stock market). The index includes shares of the following companies: Russian; Russneft LUKOIL Gazprom Neft Rostelecom Rusal Rosneft AFK Systema Krasnyi Oktyabr Polus Belon Foreign: Vipshop Transocean Baidu PetroChina TAL Education Citigroup Google JOYY Xerox .

  • TickerNOVAR
  • Inception Date11/10/2023
  • WeightingEqual