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Since 1999, Redpoint Ventures has partnered with visionary founders to create new markets and redefine existing ones. The firm invests in startups across the seed, early and growth phases, with over $4b in AUM. The Redpoint Software Infrastructure Index (INFRARED) tracks new infrastructure SaaS vendors that abstract away important engineering problems. Every industry, business, and function within a company today is dependent on building and delivering software. From autonomous vehicle companies like Tesla, social media sites, restaurants building an online franchise, cybersecurity companies, fintechs building new payment rails, healthcare, to EdTech startups, these companies rely on building and shipping software to remain competitive in today’s digital world. There are tens of thousands of companies that use the infrastructure software vendors in our index.

  • TickerINFRARED
  • Inception Date06/20/2023
  • WeightingEqual
  • # of holdings26
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All holdings as of September 29, 2023
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Splunk, Inc. (SPLK)4.73%$24.646B14.00%76.25%5.11x
Elastic NV (ESTC)4.06%$7.996B17.46%73.21%5.52x
Jamf Holding Corp. (JAMF)4.01%$2.215B16.82%70.66%4.99x
Akamai Technologies, Inc. (AKAM)3.99%$16.164B3.59%56.67%4.45x
CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (CRWD)3.96%$37.837B36.71%74.93%13.93x
Dynatrace, Inc. (DT)3.94%$13.705B24.55%79.54%11.95x
Cloudflare, Inc. (NET)3.93%$18.444B31.54%75.62%19.16x
SentinelOne, Inc. (S)3.92%$4.083B45.77%70.11%7.97x
New Relic, Inc. (NEWR)3.92%$6.081B12.09%78.00%4.38x
Zscaler, Inc. (ZS)3.90%$22.898B43.06%77.42%13.97x
Atlassian Corp. (TEAM)3.88%$30.606B23.59%81.68%11.93x
DigitalOcean Holdings, Inc. (DOCN)3.86%$2.135B26.84%60.34%7.63x
Tenable Holdings, Inc. (TENB)3.84%$5.181B18.68%77.69%6.44x
Palo Alto Networks, Inc. (PANW)3.82%$72.347B25.98%74.05%12.84x
UiPath, Inc. (PATH)3.81%$8.286B18.61%82.76%7.32x
Okta, Inc. (OKTA)3.78%$12.777B23.06%73.20%5.80x
Datadog, Inc. (DDOG)3.77%$27.242B25.44%79.97%16.02x
MongoDB, Inc. (MDB)3.73%$24.675B39.56%74.60%19.73x
PagerDuty, Inc. (PD)3.72%$2.099B19.24%81.57%5.41x
Snowflake, Inc. (SNOW)3.68%$50.368B35.55%65.93%22.40x
JFrog Ltd. (FROG)3.67%$2.632B24.13%77.55%7.67x
Twilio, Inc. (TWLO)3.65%$10.601B10.01%46.97%2.27x, Inc. (AI)3.65%$2.927B10.80%56.04%15.02x
Gitlab, Inc. (GTLB)3.62%$4.707B38.14%89.50%13.31x
Confluent, Inc. (CFLT)3.60%$6.275B35.78%69.48%14.30x
HashiCorp, Inc. (HCP)3.56%$2.497B25.81%79.52%8.25x
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