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Developed by the independent research firm New Constructs, $ZOMBIE tracks stocks with a high risk of going to $0/share. The Fed's decision to end the era of free/cheap money exposed a new risk in the markets: zombie stocks. New Constructs created its Zombie Stocks List and the Zombie Inverse Index ($ZOMBIE) to alert investors to those companies with the most unsustainable business models, highest cash burns, and unsupportive balance sheets. This is an inverse index that goes up when the underlying stocks go down. New Constructs is an independent research technology firm that provides unrivaled insights into the fundamentals and valuation of private & public businesses. Combining human expertise with machine learning and NLP, the firm shines light into the dark corners (e.g. footnotes) of millions of financial filings and provides superior investment research.

  • TickerZOMBIE
  • Inception Date06/23/2022

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