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The principal drivers of the theme "water sustainability" comprise factors like population growth, energy consumption, climate change, and infrastructural deficiencies. Population growth and rapid urbanization increase the demand for water in both domestic and industrial applications, causing strain on available water resources. Energy consumption directly relates to water usage, as large amounts of water are required for activities like fracking and power generation. Climate change effects, including increased droughts, floods and unpredictable rainfall patterns, compromise the availability and predictability of water resources globally. Additionally, infrastructure deficiencies, in terms of outdated or improper water storage and distribution systems, exacerbate water shortages. Possible subcategories within this theme might include water scarcity, water usage efficiency, water security, freshwater management, wastewater management, and technological innovations for water sustainability.

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  • Inception Date07/25/2023
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American Water Works Co., Inc. (AWK)21.64%$22.70B11.66%42.75%8.86
Danaher Corp. (DHR)20.92%$177.69B-24.09%58.74%7.77
American States Water Co. (AWR)20.54%$2.51B21.19%51.86%6.52
AbaCore Capital Holdings, Inc. (ABA)19.02%$84.36M13,303.31%N/A2,415.14
PT Pelangi Indah Canindo Tbk (PICO)17.89%$3.17M-0.32%9.44%0.33
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