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Maslow's Basic + Psychological needs 12: Utilities, Consumer, Entertainment (UCEDGR 12)


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Part of a group of 3 indexes with 12 stocks each. $UCEDGR (Maslow's needs), $HLDGR (notable highly leveraged companies) and $INNODGR (lead innovators not included in $DGRXIIC). $UCEDGR tracks the performance of 12 companies that provide essential products and services that meet the basic and psychological needs of people, including utilities, consumer staples and entertainment. The index is named after Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which suggests that people have a hierarchy of needs, starting with the most basic needs, such as food and shelter, and progressing to higher-level needs, such as love and belonging, and self-actualization. The companies in this index provide products and services that meet all of these needs, so they should be expected to be more resistant to economic downturns than companies in $HLDGR and $INNODGR.

  • TickerUCEDGR
  • Inception Date08/17/2023
  • WeightingMarket Cap
  • # of holdings12
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All holdings as of April 12, 2024
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Costco Wholesale Corp. (COST)19.62%$324.34B5.75%12.49%1.29
Netflix, Inc. (NFLX)16.35%$269.54B6.67%41.54%6.78
Nestlé SA (NESN)16.00%$266.88B-1.51%45.88%3.31
The Coca-Cola Co. (KO)15.35%$251.26B6.98%59.75%6.26
NextEra Energy, Inc. (NEE)7.69%$129.47B-14.24%29.78%9.02
Unilever Plc (ULVR)7.19%$118.86B1.14%42.24%2.28
Sony Group Corp. (SONY)6.28%$104.44B4.99%32.05%1.47
Iberdrola SA (IBE)4.38%$75.65B-8.90%23.17%2.83
NetEase, Inc. (9999)3.66%$60.48B1.89%60.95%2.98
Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. (LYV)1.39%$23.32B36.38%21.72%1.11
Veolia Environnement SA (VIE)1.30%$21.70B5.75%16.43%1.03
Bandai Namco Holdings, Inc. (7832)0.76%$12.50B1.68%31.69%1.63
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