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RDM US REITs California Solo (RDMCA) index is a rule-based index based on the following: Rules 1) Classified as an equity REIT 2) Listed on a major US Exchange 3) Based on RDM property data, at least 55% of properties in REIT portfolio must be located within the state of California Property data and geospatial analytics are available on Snowflake. Check us out on the marketplace Weighting Weighting derived from "geographic concentration" normalized as a fraction of a 100. REITs with higher concentration of their props within the state of California receive higher weighting. Weights are re-balanced quarterly and take into account updates to underlying REIT property portfolios.

  • TickerRDMCA
  • Inception Date09/28/2023
  • WeightingCustom
  • # of holdings7
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All holdings as of December 1, 2023
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Rexford Industrial Realty, Inc. (REXR)17.37%$10.880B26.91%47.42%16.89x
Douglas Emmett, Inc. (DEI)16.69%$2.256B0.69%16.25%8.71x
Kilroy Realty Corp. (KRC)16.02%$4.191B2.77%37.58%7.33x
Creative Media & Community Trust Corp. (CMCT)14.45%$87.729M13.46%-19.09%8.16x
Essex Property Trust, Inc. (ESS)13.71%$14.218B2.30%34.93%11.84x
American Assets Trust, Inc. (AAT)11.29%$1.299B0.16%35.99%7.10x
Retail Opportunity Investments Corp. (ROIC)10.48%$1.696B4.75%39.85%9.97x
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