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AI-Driven Nuclear & Fuel Cell Energy Portfolio



The rapid advancement and integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into various sectors are significantly increasing the demand for computational power, which in turn escalates the energy requirements of data centers. Given that conventional energy sources may not sustainably meet these demands due to environmental concerns and scalability issues, energy companies are pivoting towards more sustainable yet powerful alternatives. Nuclear energy and fuel cell technologies are being highlighted as feasible solutions owing to their ability to provide high levels of continuous, reliable power with lower carbon emissions compared to fossil fuel-based energy sources. Both nuclear energy and hydrogen fuel cells have gained attention for their potential to revolutionize energy provision for high-demand technologies like data centers, thereby ensuring that the AI-driven future is supported by a robust and sustainable power infrastructure. - [[Nuclear Energy Providers for Data Centers]]: Companies specializing in the development and provision of nuclear energy tailored to meet the massive, continuous power needs of data centers driven by AI advancements. - [[Fuel Cell Technology Innovators for Industrial Applications]]: Firms focusing on advancing hydrogen fuel cell technologies to cater to the energy demand of large-scale data operations and infrastructure. - [[Energy Storage Solutions for AI Computing Facilities]]: Businesses developing high-capacity energy storage systems that can efficiently store and manage energy generated from nuclear and fuel cell sources for seamless AI operations. This index was generated with help from Thematic Analyst.

  • Inception Date06/06/2024
  • WeightingEqual
  • # of holdings18
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All holdings as of June 12, 2024
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Constellation Energy Corp. (CEG)5.99%$68.82B-0.92%21.02%3.11
Vistra Corp. (VST)5.78%$31.70B-25.64%4.69%3.00
Jabil, Inc. (JBL)5.75%$14.20B-16.81%9.35%0.59
Lightbridge Corp. (LTBR)5.69%$35.08MN/AN/AN/A
NuScale Power Corp. (SMR)5.67%$793.31M-74.95%46.70%15.47
VNET Group, Inc. (VNET)5.64%$585.18M0.05%21.64%2.13
Bloom Energy Corp. (BE)5.60%$3.35B-14.50%16.18%2.66
Rice Acquisition Corp. II (RONI)5.56%$736.97MN/AN/A15,063.40
Flowserve Corp. (FLS)5.55%$6.26B10.93%31.69%1.57
CECO Environmental Corp. (CECE)5.49%$813.30M12.23%34.02%1.69
Equinix, Inc. (EQIX)5.48%$72.15B6.45%41.75%11.34
Plug Power, Inc. (PLUG)5.46%$2.17B-42.81%-132.27%3.45
Argan, Inc. (AGX)5.44%$1.03B52.09%12.72%0.65
Public Service Enterprise Group, Inc. (PEG)5.44%$36.69B1.93%28.68%5.57
Curtiss-Wright Corp. (CW)5.41%$10.30B13.05%35.58%3.64
Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM)5.38%$503.19B-2.16%24.07%1.44
The AES Corp. (AES)5.37%$14.09B-4.75%20.10%3.55
Centrus Energy Corp. (LEU)5.30%$641.36M-34.68%7.32%2.03
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