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The increasing integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms is driven by the need for businesses to enhance operational efficiency, make data-driven decisions, and personalize customer experiences. The pursuit of automation, predictive analytics, and enhanced cybersecurity capabilities has resulted in AI becoming a key differentiator in the competitive SaaS landscape. Enterprises are leveraging AI to automate routine tasks, gain insights from vast amounts of data, and fortify their security posture against evolving threats. These intelligent SaaS platforms are not only driving cost savings but also providing strategic advantages through advanced analytics and decision-making capabilities. As businesses across various sectors continue to adopt AI-driven SaaS solutions, the demand for innovative applications of AI in SaaS is expected to grow significantly. - [[AI-powered analytics platforms]]: SaaS solutions that utilize AI to collect, analyze, and generate actionable insights from large datasets. - [[Automated customer service tools]]: Enterprise SaaS tools using AI to automate and enhance customer service interactions, such as chatbots and virtual assistants. - [[Predictive maintenance software]]: AI-driven SaaS applications designed to forecast and prevent potential equipment failures and maintenance issues. - [[Cybersecurity and threat detection platforms]]: SaaS offerings that leverage AI to identify and mitigate cyber threats and enhance overall security measures. - [[Sales and marketing automation tools]]: SaaS solutions employing AI to optimize and automate sales processes, lead generation, and targeted marketing campaigns. This index was generated with help from Thematic Analyst.

  • Inception Date06/05/2024
  • WeightingEqual
  • # of holdings24
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All holdings as of June 12, 2024
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Datadog, Inc. (DDOG)4.65%$35.44B26.89%81.95%18.68
Cloudflare, Inc. (NET)4.53%$21.87B30.47%77.54%23.46, Inc. (AI)4.53%$3.71B16.41%57.49%N/A
Gitlab, Inc. (GTLB)4.49%$5.78B33.35%88.90%11.71
Teradata Corp. (TDC)4.49%$3.22B-2.31%61.29%2.28
Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)4.45%$3.22T17.03%70.08%13.40
NICE Ltd. (Israel) (NICE)4.42%$11.22B15.29%66.23%6.66
Intapp, Inc. (INTA)4.37%$2.61B20.23%70.95%5.67
International Business Machines Corp. (IBM)4.34%$155.54B1.47%52.85%3.58
Progress Software Corp. (PRGS)4.33%$2.18B12.46%72.82%4.16
ExlService Holdings, Inc. (EXLS)4.32%$4.73B8.95%34.57%3.28
Alphabet, Inc. (GOOG)4.31%$2.04T15.44%58.49%5.75
Juniper Networks, Inc. (JNPR)4.29%$11.52B-16.25%59.27%2.33
Equinix, Inc. (EQIX)4.28%$72.15B6.45%41.75%11.34
Box, Inc. (BOX)4.27%$3.89B5.07%77.99%4.08
Twilio, Inc. (TWLO)4.24%$9.87B4.02%50.69%2.01
Snowflake, Inc. (SNOW)4.23%$43.02B32.89%65.71%16.11
Workday, Inc. (WDAY)4.20%$45.40B18.83%75.43%8.29
Accenture Plc (ACN)4.20%$184.98B-0.09%30.91%3.68
Genpact Ltd. (G)4.18%$5.88B3.87%34.26%1.56
Salesforce, Inc. (CRM)4.16%$233.52B10.74%68.23%7.29
ASGN Incorporated (ASGN)4.14%$4.18B-7.07%26.80%1.34
UiPath, Inc. (PATH)4.13%$5.79B15.72%83.31%6.61
NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA)0.44%$2.97T262.12%78.35%27.12
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