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Sushi Money Fart Chips



Equal Weight and % ETFs for Semi-Conductors, and Natural Gas. It represents a baseline for Foreign trade. EU, and Asia. One relying on High asset prices, the other low. I invite you to explore the inflection point of assets. I believe to track performance of equites based underlying commodity costs. Being a critical sector, and looking at the end user, and the potential for demand destruction will be key in determining specific industries will consolidate market share and which equities have the best chances of coming out in 2029 as the Standard Oil of the 1930s. I think it is better to view this as a "capitulation cycle" in which two sides, a buyer and a seller cannot settle a debt or meet a need and things break at particular points. Bias: I am convinced of BiMetallism. I am Michael Fleming, (I am not a financial advisor, only aspiring) I do micro-trade, hence the "sushi money"

  • Inception Date05/23/2024