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OpenAI-Driven Growth Investment Strategy



The theme of creating a trading plan to capitalize on public companies benefiting from OpenAI’s actions involves structured analysis, industry focus, vigilant research, and strategic execution. Key drivers include identifying which sectors stand to gain the most from AI advancements like technology, cloud computing, AI and Machine Learning, data analytics, cybersecurity, and healthcare. Companies in these sectors can be further scrutinized based on their partnership with OpenAI, utilization of its technology, significant investments in AI, or their potential to benefit indirectly from AI adoption. Continuous monitoring of news, financial reports, and insider activities, combined with technical analysis and well-defined trading strategies, supports optimized decision-making and potential financial gains. - [[Technology Infrastructure]]: Companies providing hardware and software essential for advanced AI applications. - [[Cloud Service Providers]]: Firms offering cloud computing services that support AI operations and deployment. - [[AI and Machine Learning Services]]: Businesses developing and deploying AI models and machine learning solutions. - [[Data Analytics Platforms]]: Companies specializing in data processing and analytics that could leverage AI for enhanced insights. - [[Healthcare AI Applications]]: Firms utilizing AI for medical diagnostics, treatment plans, and other healthcare innovations. This index was generated with help from Thematic Analyst.

  • Inception Date05/17/2024
  • WeightingSq. Root Market Cap
  • # of holdings24
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All holdings as of June 12, 2024
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Apple, Inc. (AAPL)17.07%$3.18T-4.31%46.58%7.05
Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)16.44%$3.22T17.03%70.08%13.40
Alphabet, Inc. (GOOG)12.86%$2.04T15.44%58.49%5.75
Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN)12.66%$1.95T12.53%49.32%3.37
Meta Platforms, Inc. (META)9.90%$1.11T27.26%81.84%8.79
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TSM)8.28%$707.62B12.69%51.59%9.50
Adobe, Inc. (ADBE)3.96%$207.29B11.75%87.80%12.93
Intuit, Inc. (INTU)3.41%$158.42B11.95%82.38%11.35
Intel Corp. (INTC)3.18%$131.63B8.61%41.00%4.04
NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA)1.80%$2.97T262.12%78.35%27.12
MSCI, Inc. (MSCI)1.71%$38.38B14.82%74.82%18.61
Snowflake, Inc. (SNOW)1.65%$43.02B32.89%65.71%16.11
MicroStrategy, Inc. (MSTR)1.32%$24.54B-5.47%73.96%67.08
FactSet Research Systems, Inc. (FDS)1.05%$15.56B5.99%53.27%8.88
Guidewire Software, Inc. (GWRE)0.98%$11.24B15.99%59.09%9.14
Reddit, Inc. (RDDT)0.97%$10.35B20.60%84.51%N/A
Genpact Ltd. (G)0.67%$5.88B3.87%34.26%1.56
C3.ai, Inc. (AI)0.60%$3.71B16.41%57.49%N/A
UiPath, Inc. (PATH)0.52%$5.79B15.72%83.31%6.61
IonQ, Inc. (IONQ)0.35%$1.66B76.94%2.81%67.87
PROS Holdings, Inc. (PRO)0.30%$1.30B10.26%64.27%6.00
Unisys Corp. (UIS)0.15%$298.37M-5.54%28.09%0.25
Nerdy, Inc. (NRDY)0.12%$190.75M9.25%67.22%1.36
Inuvo, Inc. (INUV)0.05%$34.62M43.69%68.73%0.58
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