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The primary drivers of the cancer biotech industry are continuous advancements in scientific research and development, the increasing prevalence of cancer worldwide, and a need for more effective and personalized treatments. Significant scientific breakthroughs in genomics and the understanding of cancer cell biology have propelled innovation in bioengineering techniques, like gene and cell therapies, paving the way for novel biotech cancer treatments. Additionally, an ageing global population, coupled with changing lifestyles, have increased cancer incidences, thereby boosting demand for efficient cancer therapies. Consequently, key subcategories within this theme encompass oncogene research, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and stem cell research. Increased funding for biotech startups, government and regulatory support for cancer research, as well as strategic collaborations and acquisitions, are other factors driving this industry's growth and innovation.

  • TickerHYDROGN
  • Inception Date10/05/2023
  • WeightingEqual
  • # of holdings58
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All holdings as of December 5, 2023
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Fusion Fuel Green Plc (HTOO)2.67%$17.604MN/A-26.77%N/A
Alleima AB (ALLEI)2.21%N/A8.13%17.76%0.68x
Hazer Group Ltd. (HZR)2.19%$86.334MN/AN/AN/A
Hansol Chemical Co., Ltd. (014680)2.07%$1.702B-12.84%28.79%2.62x
Toho Acetylene Co., Ltd. (4093)2.05%$89.962M-1.61%32.26%0.22x
Fortescue Ltd. (FMG)2.04%$50.567B4.59%52.45%2.79x
Everfuel A/S (EFUEL)2.03%$85.739M-42.47%-4,622.06%21.78x
Misr Chemical Industries Ltd. (MICH)2.03%$95.405MN/AN/AN/A
Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, Ltd. (6331)1.98%$160.235M5.38%28.49%0.34x
Hubei Heyuan Gas Co., Ltd. (002971)1.96%$603.141M60.49%20.45%3.88x
Fanli Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (600228)1.95%$806.455M-67.38%62.32%14.81x
Duro Felguera SA (MDF)1.90%$75.639M38.73%-2.69%1.63x
Hodogaya Chemical Co., Ltd. (4112)1.90%$185.590M-1.92%38.52%0.68x
Descon Oxychem Ltd. (DOL)1.85%$15.449M-11.87%25.65%0.47x
Friedrich Vorwerk Group SE (VH2)1.84%$279.330M-5.51%5.58%0.68x
Liuzhou Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (600423)1.84%$390.039M-6.34%20.20%16.67x
Pungguk Ethanol Co., Ltd. (023900)1.81%$110.269M8.35%23.07%0.89x
Linde Plc (LIN)1.80%$195.881B-7.30%38.39%6.11x
Sichuan Shudao Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd. (300540)1.80%$538.629M200.44%22.73%8.36x
Liaoning Kelong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. (300405)1.76%$244.319M-59.14%4.10%4.14x
China Petrochemical Development Corp. (1314)1.76%$1.169B23.28%-3.80%3.27x
Olin Corp. (OLN)1.74%$6.010B-28.01%15.49%1.30x
Hebei Jinniu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (600722)1.73%$465.504M-26.27%17.85%3.85x
Técnicas Reunidas SA (TRE)1.72%$733.275M-7.12%3.82%0.11x
Arkema SA (AKE)1.72%$7.373B-21.74%21.11%1.04x
Yangmei Chemical Co., Ltd. (600691)1.72%$1.064B-4.56%7.22%1.02x
Char Technologies Ltd. (YES)1.71%$35.210M17.51%-62.38%37.09x
Zhejiang Dayang Biotech Group Co., Ltd. (003017)1.71%$267.988M-4.16%15.84%1.68x
Baotou Dongbao Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. (300239)1.71%$534.083M-6.83%27.22%3.98x
thyssenkrupp AG (TKA)1.70%$4.537B-16.61%-7.09%0.03x
Anhui Huaertai Chemical Co., Ltd. (001217)1.70%$544.248M-9.82%16.84%2.19x
Jiangyin Jianghua Micro-electronics Materials Co., Ltd. (603078)1.68%$887.120M21.29%24.87%6.27x
Satellite Chemical Co., Ltd. (002648)1.68%$7.217B20.89%20.52%1.82x
OCI Co. Ltd. (456040)1.68%N/AN/A13.14%N/A
Chemfab Alkalis Ltd. (541269)1.67%$62.855M4.69%19.88%1.54x
SOL SpA (SOL)1.67%$2.580B23.93%10.43%1.47x
Jiangsu Feymer Technology Co., Ltd. (688350)1.66%$286.976M-4.87%13.72%1.21x
Hexagon Composites ASA (HEX)1.66%$491.325M0.66%4.74%1.29x
Grandblue Environment Co., Ltd. (600323)1.65%$1.937B-12.79%28.86%2.35x
EG Corp. (037370)1.65%$76.335M-32.74%2.99%2.47x
Sichuan Development Lomon Co., Ltd. (002312)1.64%$1.287B-18.96%13.08%2.01x
Rising Nonferrous Metals Share Co., Ltd. (600259)1.63%$1.573B-30.53%1.77%0.73x
Chemplast Sanmar Ltd. (543336)1.62%$910.578M-17.30%26.03%1.85x
Kanto Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd. (4047)1.61%$314.191M-2.08%17.92%0.84x
Shandong Huatai Paper Co., Ltd. (600308)1.61%$751.369M-6.52%7.06%0.51x
Crystal Clear Electronic Material Co., Ltd. (300655)1.58%$1.405B-16.16%23.93%8.35x
Sichuan Qiaoyuan Gas Co., Ltd. (301286)1.57%$139.754M-1.01%35.85%11.86x
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. (APD)1.56%$58.223B-10.63%30.85%5.84x
Kingfa Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd. (600143)1.55%$2.763B41.64%12.80%1.02x
Jinhong Gas Co., Ltd. (688106)1.55%$1.118B27.56%36.74%5.68x
Epigral Ltd. (543332)1.53%$453.479M-13.93%25.90%2.50x
Lords Chloro Alkali Ltd. (500284)1.52%$44.575MN/A0.79%1.72x
ATOME Energy Plc (ATOM)1.48%$38.848MN/AN/AN/A
Questor Technology, Inc. (QST)1.47%$16.273M0.98%13.40%1.54x
Primo Chemicals Ltd. (506852)1.41%$149.415M-49.80%6.51%2.94x
Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals Co., Ltd. (600389)1.39%$1.064B-50.19%14.01%1.63x
Dyna-Mac Holdings Ltd. (NO4)1.12%$193.327M32.36%10.29%0.11x
AmmPower Corp. (AMMP)0.56%$6.366MN/AN/AN/A
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