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The Intelligent Mid Cap Conviction index (AIMDC) prompt engineers three leading AI platforms — OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google's Bard, and Inflection AI's Claude — to build a 30 stock, equal weighted index of mid cap stocks. The 30 stocks represent the AI index committee's most favored names. The index aims to create a superior representation of US mid cap equities vs the S&P 400. The index is reconstituted and rebalanced by the AIs on a quarterly basis.

  • TickerAIMDC
  • Inception Date09/07/2023
  • WeightingEqual
  • # of holdings30
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All holdings as of September 27, 2023
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Wingstop, Inc. (WING)3.60%$5.300B27.93%81.47%15.75x
Grand Canyon Education, Inc. (LOPE)3.59%$3.495B5.42%46.12%3.20x
United States Steel Corp. (X)3.59%$7.039B-20.34%13.33%0.41x
The Western Union Co. (WU)3.55%$4.858B2.76%36.25%1.28x
Murphy USA, Inc. (MUSA)3.55%$7.296B-17.46%4.62%0.41x
Antero Midstream Corp. (AM)3.51%$5.670B11.92%61.75%8.38x
Boston Beer Co., Inc. (SAM)3.51%$3.846B-2.10%45.44%1.76x
The Wendy's Co. (WEN)3.47%$4.309B4.42%30.09%3.73x
Ares Capital Corp. (ARCC)3.46%$10.713B17.54%70.69%9.29x
Chemed Corp. (CHE)3.45%$7.744B4.24%29.70%3.76x
Range Resources Corp. (RRC)3.44%$7.451B-64.97%9.96%2.14x
Helen of Troy Ltd. (HELE)3.40%$2.779B-6.42%45.39%1.56x
Universal Display Corp. (OLED)3.36%$7.213B7.33%75.23%10.44x
Cable One, Inc. (CABO)3.36%$3.438B-1.18%52.82%4.49x
WestRock Co. (WRK)3.36%$9.141B-7.22%18.69%0.82x
Cabot Corp. (CBT)3.35%$3.757B-15.75%23.04%1.21x
Repligen Corp. (RGEN)3.34%$8.847B-23.34%45.44%10.78x
YETI Holdings, Inc. (YETI)3.31%$4.028B-4.16%53.37%2.09x
Hexcel Corp. (HXL)3.31%$5.500B13.62%23.62%4.30x
Olin Corp. (OLN)3.29%$5.783B-34.91%17.01%1.23x
IDACORP, Inc. (IDA)3.29%$4.835B13.17%24.37%4.26x
WESCO International, Inc. (WCC)3.26%$7.530B4.78%20.81%0.67x
Wynn Resorts Ltd. (WYNN)3.26%$10.332B75.59%32.49%4.25x
Trex Co., Inc. (TREX)3.25%$6.905B-7.69%43.88%7.55x
Annaly Capital Management, Inc. (NLY)3.21%$9.537B66.86%99.47%15.35x
Black Hills Corp. (BKH)3.20%$3.492B-13.27%19.56%3.26x
Valley National Bancorp (VLY)3.18%$4.305B65.62%N/A2.64x
RH (RH)2.90%$4.736B-19.28%47.48%3.81x
Masimo Corp. (MASI)2.86%$4.677B-19.46%48.58%4.47x
World Wrestling Entertainment LLC (WWE)2.77%$6.701B25.06%41.72%6.23x
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