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3 months
  • TickerRAINBOW
  • Inception Date04/17/2023
  • WeightingMarket Cap
  • Number of holdings21

Companies with great gross margin of all the colors of the rainbow.


Rainbow Index

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Top 10 holdings
Company% of Index
1Orange SA (FNCTF)56.73%
2Blue Owl Capital, Inc. (OWL)8.24%
3Ralph Lauren Corp. (RL)7.78%
4Blueprint Medicines Corp. (BPMC)6.04%
5Red Rock Resorts, Inc. (RRR)4.72%
6Green Brick Partners, Inc. (GRBK)3.92%
7SL Green Realty Corp. (SLG)2.68%
8Dutch Bros, Inc. (BROS)2.31%
9Yellow Cake Plc (YLLXF)1.73%
10Green Dot Corp. (GDOT)1.68%


All holdings as of May 31, 2023
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Orange SA (FNCTF)56.73%$32.001BN/AN/AN/A
Blue Owl Capital, Inc. (OWL)8.24%$4.570B41.67%80.08%7.36x
Ralph Lauren Corp. (RL)7.78%$7.016B1.19%57.56%1.43x
Blueprint Medicines Corp. (BPMC)6.04%$3.418B0.89%83.63%12.50x
Red Rock Resorts, Inc. (RRR)4.72%$2.653B7.97%57.51%4.46x
Green Brick Partners, Inc. (GRBK)3.92%$2.178B14.85%27.40%1.03x
SL Green Realty Corp. (SLG)2.68%$1.587B26.33%23.45%9.77x
Dutch Bros, Inc. (BROS)2.31%$1.647B29.65%22.98%3.33x
Yellow Cake Plc (YLLXF)1.73%$0.991BN/AN/AN/A
Green Dot Corp. (GDOT)1.68%$0.949B3.93%43.99%0.11x
Redwood Trust, Inc. (RWT)1.20%$0.675B-7.27%94.59%17.03x
Bluegreen Vacations Holding Corp. (BVH)0.85%$0.487B11.66%82.30%1.41x
Purple Innovation, Inc. (PRPL)0.65%$0.364B-23.61%39.52%0.62x
Red Violet, Inc. (RDVT)0.49%$0.274B14.90%65.16%4.00x
Greenhill & Co., Inc. (GHL)0.47%$0.265B9.32%92.57%1.82x
Orange County Bancorp, Inc. (OBT)0.32%$0.181B45.67%N/A3.23x
Yellow Corp. (YELL)0.12%$0.066B-8.08%-0.85%0.30x
Red Light Holland Corp. (TRUFF)0.04%$0.022B75.37%36.66%4.57x
Greenpro Capital Corp. (GRNQ)0.03%$0.014B10.75%87.74%2.46x
Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology (BHAT)0.02%$0.010B-78.87%59.13%N/A
BlueRush, Inc. (BTVRF)<0.01%$0.002B-17.01%59.89%1.11x
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